Where To Get Old Disc Film Developed

Disc Camera Film Processing

“One of the most common questions owners of vintage disc cameras ask is: “Where can I get disc film processed?”

A few companies process disc film today, but none of their services is cheap. Because of the age of the film, disc film scanning and processing can be challenging and results unpredictable. Check out the following websites for further details and prices.

– fotostation.co.uk – for disc film processing UK. Full details and prices are available on their website.

– Based in the USA, rapidphoto.net, develop disc film. Check their website for prices and shipping. Also US-based is dwaynesphoto.com.

– Serving international customers is filmrescue.com. They will process and scan disc film.”

1980s disc camera guide

Information extracted from Therese M Donnelly’s forthcoming book “Disc Cameras of the 1980s”

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